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Fur Trade Stories Timeline
  From 1600 to 1867
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Many Canadian places and regions have a historical significance which can be traced back to the fur trade and the Métis Nation. Geography also exerted its influence on how fur trade operations were built.

-22- JJ Hargrave: Lower Fort Garry
-19- JJ Hargrave: Buffalo Hunt
-20- JJ Hargrave: Transportation
-23 - JJ Hargrave: Upper Fort Garry
-26- JJ Hargrave: Journey to Canada
-27- Emma Caffin Jeffrey: Snowshoeing
-28- Emma Caffin Jeffrey: Berry Picking
-38- Frances Simpson: Winnipeg River
-39- Frances Simpson: Portages
-41- Frances Simpson: Fort Garry Churches
-42- Frances Simpson: Leaving Fort Garry
-51- James Isham: York Fort
-52- James Isham: Dogs and Martens
-57- Nicholas Garry: Encampments
-76- James Knight: Taking Back the Fort
-77- Thomas McCliesh: Successful Marten Trapping
-80- James Knight:
-67- HBC London Committee: French Threat
(214) Lettres Patentes
-1- Letitia Hargrave: York Factory
-6- Letitia Hargrave: Gardening Troubles
-8- Letitia Hargrave: Food Rations
-10- Letitia Hargrave: Dangers of Life
-12- RM Ballantyne: York Factory
-15- RM Ballantyne: Voyageur Brigade
-16- RM Ballantyne: Bachelors Hall
-18- RM Ballantyne: Dog Cariole
-36- Frances Simpson: Journey Begins
-53- La Verendrye (son): Fort Maurepas
B12 - What Churchill Owes to a Woman
(M11) Navigator's Sextant
--1-- Fort Prince of Wales, 1734
--2-- The Prince Albert and the Prince Rupert in Hudson's Bay, 1845
--14-- Chief Factor Barnston and R.M. Ballantyne at Tadoussac, 1846
--7-- Henday Enters the Blackfoot Camp, 1754
241 - Nicholas Garry
(M38) Prince Rupert, Reproduction
(L5) Swampy Cree - Fish Trapping and Caribou Hunting
206. Norway House Post Map
244. Posts of the Canadian Fur Trade
245. Portaging from Hudson's Bay to Lake Winnipeg