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Fur Trade Stories Timeline
  From 1600 to 1867
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Global factors influenced the fur trade in Canada.

-71- Henry Kelsey: French Try Coming Ashore
-72- Henry Kelsey: Forced to Leave York Factory
-75- Anthony Beale: Need More Supplies
-76- James Knight: Taking Back the Fort
-77- Thomas McCliesh: Successful Marten Trapping
-78- Thomas McCliesh: Trading With Natives
-67- HBC London Committee: French Threat
-68- John Outlaw: About Radison & Goosebury
-69- HBC London Committee: Employee Theft
-70- Thomas Pinfold: HBC vs the French
(B..) 54°40' or Fight
(M11) Navigator's Sextant
--2-- The Prince Albert and the Prince Rupert in Hudson's Bay, 1845
(M38) Prince Rupert, Reproduction
244. Posts of the Canadian Fur Trade