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The fur trade influenced the historical development of Canada in a number of ways including: the development and expansion into western and northern Canada; the significance of Canadian place names; the origin and rise of the Métis Nation; the impact of interaction between the First Peoples and the Europeans-and these connections can be found in personal and commercial stories about the people and events of the fur trade.

B14 - Charles French: Heroic Indian Women
(M19) Dene Dress
(M20) Dene Cariole, Model
(M25) Trade Gun
(M27) Animal Trap
(M28) Anishnaabe Canoe
(M33) HBC Cariole
(M37) Fur Trader's Capote
(M4) Central Arctic Sled, Model
(M6) Cree or Cree/Metis Moccasins
(M7) Tomahawk Pipe
(M39) HBC Blankets 3 & 4 Points
(M24) Awl
(M8) Siberian Model Boat
246. Development of Northern Settlements