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The growth and success of the fur trade depended on the men and women of the First Nations and Métis Nation, while the competition between the HBC and the Northwest Company would forge a new era.

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Author: Bishop Donald B. Marsh
Title: All Caribou
Publisher: The Beaver / Canada's National History Society
Year Published: December 1942
Location: The Beaver Index - December 1942, p.18-22
Copyright Holder: D.B. Marsh / The Beaver / Canada's National History Society
  B2 - The Importance of Caribou

A detailed description of how the Inuit use the various parts of caribou to meet their survival needs.

Transcription is not yet available.

If you find that this print version is too difficult to read, visit the Beaver Index. Enter 'Marsh' in the Contributor field and 'caribou' in the keyword field. Click on the results and download the Adobe Acrobat version of this article.

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